Villa Rosa

Rosa is a two storey villa, built in 19th century and recently renovated, with external walls 80 cm thick and painted in pink, 3 terraces, beautifully planted with bougainvillea, roses and other flowering plants, and a magnificent view of the town and the sea. The Villa measures 150 square meters; the three terraces together measure more than 110 square meters. Beside the Villa is an accessible vegetable garden of almost 300 square meters, cultivated with seasonal vegetables (tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, etc.); if available, you can get some of them free from the farmer; at the end of the vegetable garden there is a big fig tree. A stairway of stone steps (typical of Positano) takes you to Villa Rosa, starting from Viale Pasitea, the main street in Positano, and going up through the oldest part of Positano; there are 85 steps leading to the entrance of the villa.

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  • Villa Rosa Petali 2 gen 3 marz — 400
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  • Villa Rosa Petali 22 magg 19 giu — 500
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