Villa Miragalli

Villa Miragalli is a house of 240 square metres (2583 sq.ft) that sits on a property of 10,000 square metres (108,000 sq.ft), and an Amazing Infinity heated Pool of about 70 square metres overlooking Li Galli Isles and Amalfi coast isles.

The sea and sky peacefully reveal their beauty to you.
At Villa Miragalli, you truly feel you have found a slice of heaven. Their boundaries are barely defined, as the blue of the sky and the red and orange traces of the sun sparkle on the sea’s gentle currents.
Impressively, the Sirenuse Islands “Li Galli” and the Mediterranean Sea are displayed right in front of you.
This view is enjoyed throughout Villa Miragalli…whether you are just waking up or about to fall asleep in its many gorgeous bedrooms, and when you’re enjoying a cup of coffee in the living room, relaxing in the hot tub on the balcony, strolling through the villa’s large garden, or swimming in the gorgeous infinity pool, you will always enjoy this spectacular view.



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