Antico Palazzo Croce

Antico Palazzo Croce is located in an excellent position to enjoy the beauty of Positano and the services that the “pearl of the coast” offers.
It is located near the center (reachable on foot in about 10 minutes) while at the same time, far from the tourist frenzy.

The beautiful baroque palace is laid out in the classic 17th century scheme over four floors. A central staircase descends from the “noble” entry floor level, to the Relax area (level -1) or up to the suites and rooms of the upper floors (levels 1 and 2).

The front facade overlooks panoramic terraces and balconies.
Two side wings complete the terrace on the main floor giving the building a C-shape projected towards the sea that ensures maximum privacy.

The Palace has no driveway but can be reached with 190 steps uphill.
By purchasing the “Il San Pietro” package, you can arrive or depart from the hotel’s private dock.

The date 1716 is carved in stone at the entrance to the Antico Palazzo Croce, the year in which the palace became a bishop’s residence. Its foundation dates further back to the second half of the 17th century and the original project perfectly took into account the aesthetic canons of the time, inside as well as outside.

Its history as a religious residence is evoked in the spiritualized style of the structure and furnishings, as well as numerous detailed paintings of the battle of Lepanto, pride of the Holy League).
The precious interiors (rich in stuccos, vaults, marble, lacquered doors and other ornaments) and above all the elegant façade overlooking Positano with statues, loggia and panoramic terraces and balconies are reminiscent of the Baroque style of that era.

Today, these characteristics give it a strong and distinguishing character in the town, as does its striking Pompeii red colour, greatly in vogue in the 18th century.

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