Villa dei Santi 20

Villa dei Santi 20 is a fascinating property, built on several levels, in Conca dei Marini, only few kilometers between Amalfi and Praiano. Conca dei Marini is well known for its beauty and its history, as well as for being the place of invention of the delicious “Sfogliatella di Santa Rosa”. The centrality of the villa, in the very heart of the town, appears to be its key element of strength and which allows easy accessibility to all the major points of interest.

The equipped beach is only 1 km. far from the villa. From The Conca dei Marini Beach it is possible by boat, at a moderate price, to reach Amalfi in few minutes.

By descending the fly of steps (about 100 steps), there is an excellent restaurant with typical Italian cuisine with optimal quality / price.

They do also breakfast and also the famous typical Neapolitan pizza.

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Rated 4 out of 5 based on 1 review. Location
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  1. Peter Lynch🇺🇸

    We had a wonderful vacation at Villa deli Santi (aka Villa degli Angeli). The view from the Villa is unbelievably beautiful. The villa overlooks the Mediterranean and in the foreground is a beautiful church. Conca de Marini is a great place to stay. It is not over run with tourists but they have a few great restaurants, shops and markets that are perfect for daily needs. It is a short taxi ride to Amalfi & Praiano.

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